Do's and Don'ts for Your Electric Vehicle

Do's and Don'ts for Your Electric Vehicle


  1. Mindful Charging: Connect and disconnect the charging plug gently from the socket, ensuring a seamless and safe charging experience for your electric vehicle.

  2. Regular Battery TLC: Charge the battery regularly to avoid the dreaded permanent discharge status. Aim for a monthly charge even if your vehicle takes a brief hiatus – your battery will thank you.

  3. Keep It Dry: In the world of electric vehicles, moisture is not your friend. Keep all electrical components dry to maintain optimal performance and prevent potential malfunctions.


  1. Avoid Rough Rides: In case of a puncture, dismount your vehicle rather than pushing it to its limits. This simple action eases the load on the tire and prevents further damage.

  2. Silence the Uneven: If your vehicle starts producing uneven noises from the motor or under the seat, resist the urge to continue the journey. Address the issue promptly to avoid exacerbating potential problems.

  3. Balance Matters: Position your electric scooter on flat ground. Avoid an inclined stance, as it may lead to tipping over, causing significant internal damage to your vehicle's components. Keep it balanced, keep it safe.

These simple yet effective do's and don'ts will help you harness the full potential of your electric vehicle, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and enduring ride. Embrace the power responsibly, and let your EV adventure thrive!

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